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About Us


Our Story

The Indian Catering Company has been setup to curate exquisite vegetarian culinary experiences for all events, be it a Private Dinner or a Grand Wedding.Phenomenal food, outstanding service and stunning visual aesthetics are the basic ingredients of every celebration planned at The TICC. Our menu includes the finest and most elegant vegetarian option from around the world with focus on delivering impeccable culinary and event services, with food and beverage options that are delicious as they are beautiful. Offering customised menu services we focus on making your event stress free while helping you with the complete aspect of conceptualization and innovation. At the heart of it all is we are a company which excels at creating an authentic culinary experience with a real touch of panache.


Our approach


Our Executive Chef and his Team use the finest and freshest ingredients. It is their constant endeavour to purchase these ingredients directly from the source and utilising them to create a food experience that will tantalise your taste buds. We cater to any special food requests including those pertaining to the addition or elimination of certain ingredients while preparing the food...

Our most valuable asset


ENJOYABLE & comfortable

Our Strenght

Highly trained staff

Our team of professionals will work with you to create the event you envision. We work with experts who can give you that "little extra" to develop the style that suits you. Our dedicated staff will provide efficient service for small and large gatherings. Our staff is highly trained and focussed on making your event flawless. We have an on-site manager at our events to ensure smooth flowing of the events.



Presentation of food

We prepare fresh, delicious food that your guests will love and rave about. We also pair it up with good food presentation that will make your wedding or special events unforgettable. We vision for your event and incorporate that style into the presentation of the menu you have chosen. All of the presentation items are chosen to accomplish your design from the table settings, the bar, to the buffet and it will be coordinated with your event design.


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